Online Learning & MBA Degrees

Online classes are offered in an accelerated format. You will be responsible for completing weekly assignments and participating in online threaded discussions. Online classes are not self-paced. There are established time lines for submitting assignments and for class participation.

In most cases, there are no established times during the week that you will have to be online. You will be given the “how” and the “what”, but the “when” will be up to you. You may find that 6:00 AM or 11:00 PM is the most convenient time for you to be online. Your ability to effectively organize your time will be crucial to your success.

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Due to the flexibility and convenience of online learning, it is often easy to put off class work until the last minute. Self-motivation is key to staying current on assignments and completing class work in a timely manner. In an accelerated format, it is very difficult to catch up once you have fallen behind.