Physical Sciences : Today and Tomorrow

A Ripple of Change Violent storms, rumbling earthquakes, tsunamis, and a global change in climate are some of the signs that we are about to enter the so called “changing world” – a world that is full of mystery, full of sorrow, and full of obstacle that the humankind is endanger for its existence. But if we look back to the recent years, the world is not like this. It is full of joy, abundant in its resources, and above all, our life was not at risk.

This only proves that the world is so unpredictable and so complex to be studied but thanks to physical science, it is now be borderless. The study of science, especially in physical science, is not only how well we know it but also how well we do it. Physical science is everything thus it is our tool to unfold the mystery of the universe where man is its greatest occurrence. It is us, humans, who operate in accordance with the laws of nature and surely, we shall benefit from knowing and understanding the rules of the universe where we live.

As a future educator, we play a major role in improving and saving lives, protecting the environment, and promoting knowledge in other areas of science. It is us who makes the ripple of change so that everyone will follow. Now that the world needs us, we are ready as its rescue because a young mind of today can be a great leader of tomorrow and that could be us. Estal, John Paul P. BSEd 1A