Pro Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana * The debate over the legalization of Cannabis sativa, more commonly known as marijuana, has been one of the most controversial issues ever to occur in the United States. Its use as a medicine has existed for thousands of years in many countries worldwide and is documented as far back as 2700 BC in ancient Chinese writings. Marijuana should be legalized for several reasons. * First of all marijuana isn’t as bad as society claims it to be. The government could earn money from taxes on its sale.

Its value to the medical world outweighs its potential abuse, and because of its importance to the paper and clothing industries. Legalization should be considered despite efforts made by groups, which say marijuana is harmful drug that will increase crime rates and lead users to other more dangerous substances. 1) Marijuana originated in the fields of Mexico and the southwest lands of the United States. 2) The consumption of marijuana via baked foods, tincture, or vaporizer eliminates major respiratory health hazards. A) Medicinal miracles that marijuana provides. It doesn’t cause any health problems unlike tobacco or alcohol. * Death of marijuana due to overdose is impossible. * Marijuana does not cause brain damage, genetic damage or damage to the immune system. * Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not kill brain cells or induce violent behavior. * The medical cannabis has been harnessed to treat nausea, vomiting, insomnia, neurogenic pain, asthma, cancers, glaucoma, alcohol abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, arthritis and the list becomes endless with the vast amount of diseases that are known to mankind.

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B) Money and innocent lives wasted because of the misinterpretation of marijuana. * $68 billion a year on corrections, 1/3 of being corrected are for nonviolent drug crimes. * $150 billion on preventing crimes, 47% of that government money is marijuana related. * If you ask me that is a lot of money, most if it is nonfederal, that could be spent on better schools or infrastructure, or simply just returned to the public. * California’s annual marijuana revenue is $14 billion. 10% pot tax would yield $1. 4 billion to the state alone. The economic impact that marijuana can fluctuate is unimaginable. * The legalization of this can bring thousands of new jobs in agriculture, packaging, marketing and advertising. If you ask me this is a veritable marijuana economic-stimulus package! * Universities have emerged due to these new times, such as Oaksterdam University, 420 Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Career institute. All of these schools offer the knowledge to the cultivating and distribution of marijuana, within state reasoning. C) Tobacco influence on the politicians and government leaders. The Tobacco lobby has a huge influence over politicians because of the money that’s drawn in for a very long time. * Despite all of the lawsuits against them for cigarettes causing many illnesses and deaths they still remain powerful. * Remember when alcohol was prohibited in the 1930s? That in turn gave rise to Organized Crime, bringing in alcohol and making huge profits. Once the alcohol prohibition act was repealed, the Organized Crime went into other things, like drugs. * Morally, this country accepts that there are two legalized drugs- tobacco and alcohol. Why is it that its right to allow two legal drugs that ruin lives and cause drastic health issues and not one that has nothing but miraculous benefits? * Let’s not forget the FDA, they established 3 classes of drugs. Class one being most of the recreational drugs and are considered dangerous so are not legally allowed to be sold. Class two is the narcotics, with restrictions on how they may be prescribed. This is including morphine. Class three drugs are narcotics that are deemed not addictive such as Tylenol. Government chooses to tax Hospitals for the dispensing of marijuana, morphine, opium and other drugs. * White house repeals all questions and thoughts of the legalization with no hesitation. I. Marijuana has numerous benefits that compensate the abusers. A) Marijuana does not cause serious health problems like those caused by the legal drugs, tobacco or alcohol such as: strong addiction, cancer, heart problems, birth defects, emphysema, and liver damage. The tax money that could be used to pay off government debt would be substantial. So you ask why not do it?

There are serious moral arguments, both secular and religious. There are those who believe with some good reason that the legalization of marijuana would lead to other drugs. But marijuana is a god given herb that heals and cannot be overused to the point of death. People frown up the use of it because of the people who abuse and exploit it in a bad way. B) When you walk down the street you see a chain of potential life risking choices. One could argue that the abuse of McDonald’s has a greater potential health-care cost than the abuse of marijuana.

Yet McDonald’s still serves the artery clogging food that everyone seems to love and represses the health problems that may come along with it. C) I’m not here to advise anyone to smoke pot; I’m just stating facts that could be used in a valid argument. Death from marijuana overdoes is impossible. So let me ask you this, God makes everything for a reason. So the fact of the matter is that God created marijuana for a purpose, the corruption of the medicinal herb due to the societies influence, has caused others to disregard the true reasoning for its creation.