Retail–Most Stressful Job

Retail is the most stressful job ENG 2001 MW 7:50pm-9:30pm South University Nordstrom, Macy’s, Yankee Candle, Bloomingdales and the list goes on with all different types of retail stores you can go to. Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies but there is more to retail than just shopping. I myself work at a retail store, Bloomingdales, and it is not all that I imagined it would be working there. There are many advantages and disadvantages for working in retail, some advantages include knowing months ahead of time when sales are going to start, being able to see the new markdowns before the customers, discounts, and being able to network.

Disadvantages consist of staying out late past closing hours, having to “deal” with rude and obnoxious customers, and the pressure of making sales goals as well as being a good representative of the company. Retail is by far the most stressful job out there. I have worked in several different types of establishments since high school. I have worked in a restaurant, Krispy Kreme, LA Fitness, a daycare, and a few retail jobs. Nothing is as stressful as retail. I worked on the assembly line at Krispy Kreme packaging and watching the donuts come out; sometimes I had to do everything on my own until someone else comes in to help.

I looked like Lucy from the “I Love Lucy show” when she worked in the chocolate factory, she wasn’t able to keep up with the conveyer belt so she started stuffing chocolates in her clothes to hide them from her supervisor so she wouldn’t get into trouble. It was a pretty funny sight when I first started working at Krispy Kreme, most of the donuts fell into the trash can but I didn’t get into trouble. Shopping is really considered a hobby to some people. Most people in Boca Raton are a good example. Most of the customers I get are “snowbirds”, which means we usually get them in the fall.

I wouldn’t say everyone who shops at Bloomingdales are rude and obnoxious but most are. I have had several encounters with people with the foulest attitude. For example, I had a customer who came in with no intention to purchase anything and she always comes in to take her anger out on the employees she comes in contact with. I started her a fitting room and she decided to continue to keep looking around so I left her to herself and she began waving clothes in my face while talking on her cellphone about me while I took her clothes.

I left her in the fitting room to try all her clothes on and when she came out; I asked her how everything went. All hell broke loose, she started yelling and cursing at me saying that no one would come and help her but to sum everything up, she went to human resources to complain about me and my fellow co-workers. She comes in every now and then when she’s in the mood to try to get someone fired. Working in retail has its perks though; the great discounts, being able to meet different people in which you can network with, being able to know when sales start and getting first dibs on the new markdowns.

I have a great discount within my department because I work for a leased department so my overall discount is almost sixty percent. I have got to know most of the people that work in Bloomingdales and I have been able to make “use” of some of them. For instance, I met someone who knows how to thread eyebrows and a cosmetologist and someone else who is a disc jockey. All these people are people I have got to know very well due to the fact that I am able to help with expand their business with other people. I love a great sale; no one in retail ever buys retail prices knowing they can get a good deal.

I am usually the first one who starts the markdowns so I would hold my size so that no one else could buy it. The downfall of retail includes staying late past closing hours and trying to be a good representative of the company you are working for. The department store I work for closes at nine but most people usually have to stay fifteen to twenty minutes after. That’s not bad compared to other stores. I used to work at Victoria’s Secret and the latest I have ever got out was around one to two o’clock in the morning. My manager would make us fold underwear in every drawer to make sure everything was perfect and it was quite ridiculous.

I was considered lucky compared to other stores though. My sister was a manager at Forever21 and she wouldn’t get out until three to four in the morning most of the time. Every store has a district manager and a regional manager. Corporate visits with both of them together are the most stressful. Before a corporate visit, the store has to be in immaculate shape. Everything needs to be cleaned, sensored, hold tags and damage tags need to be written correctly, and you must know the store goals and have store knowledge on policies and procedures. Whenever the district manager and regional come, you yourself must look presentable wearing akeup, heels, and should wear your own merchandise. Walking around all day in heels is so annoying and such a killer because we aren’t usually warned when the district and regional manager are coming. We could be in them for thirty minutes to eight hours just waiting for them to arrive and only for them to stay for fifteen to twenty minutes. Loss prevention is the security guards in the store. As a leased department, we have our own loss prevention that comes in every so often to audit the store to make sure we follow policies and procedures.

Sometimes loss prevention watch us to make sure we aren’t doing anything suspicious but they watch us too closely sometimes making us feel uncomfortable like we have done something wrong. People are always watching you for no purpose sometimes, the loss prevention at Bloomingdales are not even affiliated with our company and should be keeping watch of their own employees. I have spoken to several people and it seems like one person gets fired every week in that store. Some people have taken advantage of their discount and abuse it with other fellow employees.