Risk and the Addiction to Adrenaline

Zach Cedruly English “Risk and the Addiction to Adrenaline” Mr. Siuda May 1, 2011 Human beings are addicted to adrenaline and willingly put themselves in risky situations to experience the adrenaline rush. The characters and people in these pieces of American literature and history portray the addictiveness of adrenaline and continually put themselves in risky situations to experience the most addictive variable of risk; adrenaline. ”Into the Wild’s” Chris McCandless walked right into one of the most unforgiving places in North America; The Alaskan Bush.

McCandless was an extremist and did not sit on the side lines waiting for adventure to come to him. He ventured through the dangerous terrain with little to no equipment. The unpreparedness and lack of rationale thinking led to the demise of Chris McCandless. “Ragtime” consists of characters that take on risks of fighting injustice and violent militant ways. Mother’s Younger Brother joins Coalhouse Walker’s personal vendetta. The gang terrorizes the community killing firemen and blowing up firehouses.

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Mother’s Younger Brother is involved with explosives for Mexican revolutionary campaigns. Mother’s Younger Brothers involvement with the revolution would lead to his death in battle. DEAD FATHERS CLUB PORTION!!!!. One can learn a lesson from these historical figures and fictional characters about risk and the adrenaline rush associated with it. Risk comes in all different forms and can lead to many different endings. That being said, adrenaline is an addiction and is the main reason people put themselves in risky situations time and time again, to experience the rush.