Shunning in Today’s Society

Felix De Los Angeles Shunned Essay Paris Hilton Shunning in today’s society never leads people to anything good. What shunning leads people to do is to isolate them from society. People in today’s society might often shun people for many different reasons. One might just be for revenge, to put the person in a bad position, or just to see others suffer. It can also be because of popularity, culture, and personality. Paris Hilton is one of the many people that were shunned in today’s world.

Paris Hilton was shunned because of the sex tape she made at the end of the year two thousand three. This was a big scandal towards her because no one had expected this from her. At first, paparazzi and media viewers were not sure if the female in the tape was Paris Hilton, until everything was revealed. Paris was criticized very much by everyone in society. It was said that after the tape was done everything she used to be was practically gone. For instance, the days of being a student of “upper classmen” was making her life style easy and possible, or envied by others.

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Also how the public saw her in almost everything from modeling and commercials to television shows and movies. All of that was gone once she exposed herself in that pornographic videotape. And after everyone saw the tape she was no longer viewed as the beautiful model or actress. Instead, Paris was now viewed more like a porn star. Paris Hilton being shunned by society really did not affect me in any way. First it should not have been anyone’s business what she does in her personal life.

The tape should have never been revealed to the public. Yes, I did view the actress a little differently after all the footage the paparazzi spread out. I feel this way because she seemed like the type of person that would never put herself in that situation. Because she was so famous, as soon as one person found out about the videotape, it would only be a matter of time before the whole world found out. I guess what was thought was totally different, a person is not really known until their real side is exposed.

Hester and Paris both committed a sin that made the world look at them in many different aspects. After the sin Paris committed people believe she is the type of person that does not value herself. Also, she is viewed as a person who does not have any respect for herself. Hester was also viewed that way because of the sin she committed. No matter what these two women would do to make themselves look admirable. Everyone would still view them the same way as of what they have done. Shunning again does not lead you to anything that would make a person look good.

People often shun also for attention because they are envious of something a person possesses that they do not have. Famous people will always be shunned for the fact that anything they do will never be considered right. The media always has to find something wrong about an actor or actress. No matter how highly they would want to put themselves they will always be shunned by those in the media world. Work Citied http://www. rotten. com/library/bio/black-sheep/paris-hilton/ Stephen M. Silverman. “Paris Hilton Caught on Bootleg Sex Tape” People November 6,2003