Swot Analyse for Grolsch

SWOT analysis of Latvia and its market potential for Grolsch Strengths ?Relative high budget for advertisement ?The brand is known in many countries in the world. ?Can be sold in groceries ?Market leader in some countries like “the Netherlands” Weaknesses ?Price can be too high through export costs in comparison to Latvian beer ? Different languages ?Different currencies Opportunities ?The taste of Grolsch – different from domestic beer ?Can be a market nicher because of higher price and different taste (“luxury “ brand”) ? More and more people drink beer Demographic changes Threats ?Consumer drink the beer they are used too ?A lot of Latvian competitors ?There has to be a health warning on every advertisement ?Latvian people still get beer from Russia which is very cheap ? Government (e. g. import quotas) Objectives and issues ?Increasing sales in Latvia ?How big should our market share be? At the beginning 5 %. ?How do we want to achieve this goal? •Promotion ? on billboards, advertising at bus stations, free gifts, Commercials, discounts, radio (creating a song e. g. ) “We want to give the people a special feeling” •Price:? high in comparison to Latvian beer but we can give discounts •Place: ? support of shops who sell Grolsch, supermarkets, bar, gas station, Restaurants •Product: ? services (e. g. give money back if beer doesn’t taste well) Variety of product ?First advertising “Grolsch coming soon” then export ?Market segments: Middle class (working people) Based on the analysis we would advice the company to enter the market through export because it hast the lowest risk in comparison to a joint venture or direct investments.