The Concepts of Psychology

Concepts of Psychology Three concepts about psychology that I identified in the fictional narrative were stress, mental disorders, and night terrors. These concepts will be define and explain in the composition. The first concept realized was the daughter, Denise, nightmare. In Psychology these nightmares are called night terrors, an extremely frightening dreamlike experience that occurs during the non-REM sleep. Denise nightmares were caused by her almost having a car accident. As it states in the narrative, “…. ad a near miss on the freeway the other day, when a jeep cut in front of her unexpectedly. ” Night terrors can come from a lot of things. But I fell like night terrors are just nightmares that an individual will have when they have a near death or fatal experience. And basically these dreams will feel realistic to where it seems like a person is reliving that experience. If Denise keeps on having these nightmares eventually she will have to go talk to a therapists. The second concept is the work related stress the father, Alan, is experiencing.

There are many factors that can contribute to work-related stress but work overload is Alan problem. He left a stable and comfortable job to go work for a company that was newly develops. The new business was taking a lot of his time especially when the job policy is based on, “work until the job is done. ” Alan is overloaded with work and he is stressing to get it done. This stress is starting to affect his family. For instance his wife states, “Alan is directing his work related anger towards her. ” Not only is it showing or being directed to his family but also making him feel less of a person.

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This stress is contributing to behavioral and psychological perspectives. I say this because he is trying or starting to reward his problems with alcohol drinks. Once a person starts to drink his or her problems away they turn into an alcoholic. Another object stress contributes to be health problems. In the narrative Alan complain about a pain in his chest. Stress is a response to events that disrupt, threaten to disrupt our physical or psychological functioning. The third concept is a mental disorder like bipolar or mood disorder.

Mental disorder is a disturbance of an individual behavioral or psychological functioning that are not culturally accepted and that lead to psychological distress, behavioral disability or impaired overall functioning. Alan the father seems to be developing a mood disorder, which everyone is noticing. Since he stressing and overwhelm about work he is irritable and always mad. Alan mood is swing from one state to another. He says he happy but his action says something totally different. In the narrative Alan is showing signs of depression and bipolar.