The Crucible

In the novel ” The Crucible “, Honesty is what values each individual the most. It doesn’t matter what sex you are as long as you behold the power of honesty within. John proctor faces many souls that look past the asset of honesty such as Abigail Williams and Mary Warren and also encounters people that doesn’t believe one’s honesty whom are Judge Hathorne and Danforth. John Proctor and Giles corey are the only individuals that showed honesty and believes in others honest. He feels helpless when he’s in court since everyone plays the blame game on each other.

John doesn’t now whether to tell the truth which is to say that he wasn’t involved with witchcraft or tell a lie which is what all of the town’s people wants to hear. When Mary Warren was speaking with Judge Hathorne, Abigail williams was trying to get Judge Hathorne to get Mary Warren executed by saying that she and the other girls in the courthouse( listening to the trials ) to say that they saw the devil in the corner of the courthouse and it was commanding the girls to say whatever Mary Warren was saying.

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Abigail wanted Mary to be executed because she feared that she would be the next person blamed for witchcraft. Mary only had one choice in order or her life to be saved and that was for her to blame witchcraft upon another soul, and that is what she did. Mary told Judge Hathorne that John Proctor was involved in witchcraft. By doing so, it showed that Mary Warren was not a honest person and that she didn’t stand up for what she believed in. When Giles Corey died, no one believed what Giles said before he died.

No one at all believed in his honesty. Giles could have told a lie to dodge a bullet ( Well in this case a few stones ), but Giles chose to tell the truth and nothing but the truth to die as a honest man. He wanted to die with dignity and stand up for what he believed in and hat was really true. By telling the truth, Giles solves his self vs. self conflict. When Mary ran out of the courtroom with everyone chasing after her, she went into the water pleading for her life and trying to blame someone else of witchcraft.

Mary said that she saw John doing something with the doll and pin that was in his house. John starts to deny it which is the honest truth, but the Judges don’t believe them since they believe the first statement that they hear. This is a self vs. person situation. Since they don’t believe John, he starts to believe that the town’s people are ver their head and need to realize that there is no such thing as witchcraft.

John knows he’ll die if he doesn’t confess to witchcraft, but Just like Giles Corey, he rather die an honest man than live carrying a lie the rest of his life. Honesty is what values each individual the most. If everyone lies to each other, society would be corrupted and no one would know whether what is true or not. Being honest matters the most today because if you work with people that aren’t honest, their lies could be inflicted upon you and you could be the one whose blamed for something that you didn’t do. The Crucible By Mackinator13