The Importance of Textbooks

A textbook can be defined as a collection of knowledge, concepts, laws and principles of a selected topic or course that is usually taught in schools, colleges and universities (Federicks). One or more teachers, college professors, or educational expert who are authorities in a specific subject, course or field usually writes textbooks. Textbooks can include teacher guides, which can provide a teacher with supplemental teaching materials, activities for class and ideas that can be done through out the school year.

There are many benefits of using a textbook in a classroom setting especially for beginning teachers, one main reason for this is the fact that the textbook can be used to cover materials in class and it can also be used as a detailed guide for lessons. Textbooks are arranged in such detail and can also provide organization of units of work or modules. Because a textbook is so detailed and the information in it are provided in sequence, it can benefit a curriculum by providing teaching procedures that can tell a teacher what do in a classroom and when to do it.

Because a textbook can be updated with new editions, it provides teachers and administration a complete program that has been based on recent research and effective teaching strategies. A good textbook can be an excellent teaching aid for teachers and students however administrators and teachers have to realize that a single textbook as a base for a curriculum courses it is just one tool. Recently teachers have notice that students might not be arouse or interesting in textbooks, if you notice textbooks are usually large masses of data, and some students might find it very difficult to understand and make the large mass of data relevant.

A next disadvantage advantage of a single textbook can be the mere fact that the text might be old or outdated, and this can make it difficult to share current or relevant information with student. As teachers we have to realize that textbooks really don’t take a student’s background knowledge into account and this might cause teachers to not suit or tailor a lessons that is based on the interest of his or her students. I believe sometimes teachers rely too heavily on textbooks and completely forget that there are other aids or teaching strategies for presenting classroom materials.

A single textbook should not be the only tool a teacher relies on for optimal student learning. As a teacher I would use the textbook as a guidebook, blueprint and even an outline however, I will supplement that single textbook with lots of outside readings. References Federicks, Anthony (2005) TeacherVision. Retrieved September 30, 2011 from http://www. teachervision. fen. com/curriculum-planning/new-teacher/48347. html? page=2&detoured=1