Unit 19 P1

| Definition| Bree’s New World| A formal team| A formal team is a team which is created for one certain purpose. E. g. a department in a company. | Bree’s New World has a few departments and every department has their own formal team which means that the employees at a certain department will work to achieve a given aims. | An informal team| Informal teams have not structure whatsoever and they do not focus on specialty. There is no manager/leader; team members are completely equal in informal teams. Since there is no specialty, it means that any task done by one team member can be done any other team member as well.

Informal teams are common in startups, where all the people involved are equal and have the same skills. | At Bree’s New World every department and employee has/have their own specialities. This means that other people can’t take over their tasks what doesn’t make it an informal team. | Size e. g. small or large| The size of a team needs to be equal to the individuals which are needed within a team. The optimum team size has been suggested as five because it might avoid mistakes, will prevent deadlock and is small enough to involve everyone.

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While others say that a modern team should be between five and 15 members, large enough to provide sufficient resources, but small enough to function efficiently. | At Bree’s New World they work in small teams because they think this is more efficient. | Temporary project/task teams| These concepts are set up for a relatively short period of time to complete a task. The people will work during the projects or task and when it’s finished they will split e. g. a property development team. At Bree’s New World the director of the company works together with a few artists, but not permanent so every time they are done with a project they will split. | Permanent groupings| A Permanent grouping or a permanent team is one that will work together continuously e. g. teachers. | The departments at Bree’s New World are all permanent groupings that will work together for a longer period of time. | | Definition| Bree’s New World| Contribution to departmental and organisational activity and effectiveness| Teamwork can contribute big time to departmental and organisational productivity.

Having a team also reduces over-reliance on key individuals which can be extremely important in times of pressure. | At Bree’s New World teamwork also has a big contribution to departmental and organisational activity| Reduction of alienation| When everyone has a part to play within a team this might help to motivate them, because they both can feel like they have a stake in the decisions which are made and be proud of their contributions to the team. When people are able to learn from each other they will also get a lot of respect for each other which reduces the alienation within a team. At Bree’s New World they are a real team and no one is alienated which causes really good ideas. | Fostering innovation| Innovation is another aspect which is encouraged with teamwork because people feel empowered to be creative because when you don’t come up with an idea someone else will. | At Bree’s New World the only decisions which are made are made by the director so they don’t really work with this benefit. | Sharing expertise| When you work in a team you can also share your knowledge with other employees and they can share their knowledge with you. At Bree’s New World everybody has their own specialities which are shared when someone else needs the knowledge e. g. when people go on holiday or when they are sick. | Implementing change| Employees can be resistant to change if it is forced on them from above with little explanation. Introducing change through teams involves considerable shared involvement with and discussion of change processes, leading to greater sense of ownership of the Change| At Bree’s New World they are such a great team so when changes come up they talk about it and they can take care of each other. Identification and development of talent | An effective team needs different skills from different people. Teamwork also provides an opportunity for managers and supervisors to identify talent within their team, and to provide the development and training opportunities to build on talent. | At Bree’s New World everybody has a lot of experience so they aren’t really busy with developing talents|