University of Florida Online MBA Program

University of Florida represents one of the biggest public universities in the US. It offers quality education to its students since 1906. The first number of students was 106. This university has started offering online MBA program courses in 1999. The first program was imported as a 2-year option which was followed by a 1-year option the next year. Today, the University of Florida is one of the most respected online based MBA schools in the world. Many students have upgraded their careers after taking this online MBA degree.

It’s important to note that this university is AACSB accredited.

Its online MBA program provides students with great education. All students can choose between many specialization fields such as: International Finance, Financial Management, Economics of Business Decisions, Operations Management, Marketing and Organizational Behavior. Students will develop many decision-making, leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.

The degree you will earn of this online MBA program is the same to any other MBA program offered by the University of Florida. This has made the online course one of the most competitive programs ever since they have started attracting students from the whole world. The full MBA program has continued offering two programs:

  • Two-year option which is fully completed for 27 months. This course is open for all undergraduate degree major.
  • One-year option which is fully completed after 16 months. It represents an accelerated program for majors who have business degree and graduated over the last seven years. University of Florida is among the few universities that offers this option.

Both options require from students 2 years professional experience at their work field.

In order to be admitted, all students must file an application fulfilled with details about the employment history, essays and academic history. In order to get in, the school requires a GMAT. To be eligible to get in, a student who applies to the 1-year option must average a 600 on his GMAT and have 6 years of work experience. Those who are applying for the 2-year program must average a 610 on their GMAT and have 8 years of work experience.

You already know that earning an MBA degree these days is not difficult if you have the tuition money. They are expensive enough but they can give you very useful knowledge that will take you to another level of your career. The tuition fee for the 2-year online MBA program at University of Florida is $59,696 for those students who are coming out of the state. Residents who are living in Florida are paying $24,908 for the same program. For the 1-year part-time MBA program, the tuition goes per credit hour. Students out of state pay $1,244 per credit while those living in Florida pay $519 per credit. Minimum credit hours which are required for passing this program are 48.

University of Florida participates in many loan programs for the students, starting from private sources financing ending with the federal grants for students. Federal loan programs are only eligible for legal residents and US citizens. The private loan programs are available for all students who want to apply to these programs.